MTM manufactures two types of hand terminals. These terminals are used in security applications such as ID or label verification and capable of confirming authenticity online or offline from a database These devices also check the other security parameters.

Hand Terminal for ID Verification:

  • Reading data embedded in a contact or contactless chip ID card,
  • Comparing the data against the database for authorization,
  • Optionally, the device is capable of displaying the card owner’s photograph for further improving the control,
  • Keeping logs of ID verification,
  • Operational temperature range from -20 to +70oC.

Hand Terminals for Label Verification:

  • These devices are used to verify the authenticity of holographic labels that have security features and 2D barcode.
  • They can read the data matrix code on the label.
  • In addition, they can read the taggant signature on the label simultaneously.
  • By retrieving and displaying the label data either online or from its integrated database offline, the device allows the user to verify the authenticity of the holographic label.
  • Optionally, the device is also capable of appending geographical coordinates to the verification data and sending the back to the central system.

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