MTM A.S. is the only company in Turkey to run an internal full-spectrum manufacturing process, including master production, and produce security holograms with state-of-the-art technology.
MTM produces only valuable documents in its facility awarded with the ISO 14298:2013 Security Printing Management System Certificate.
This is a security system used in security-critical facilities with vehicle entry control points (military facilities, shopping malls, public buildings, factories, etc.).
MTM manufactures two types of hand terminals. These terminals are used in security applications such as ID or label verification....

    As MTM-TURSAB alliance, Museum Entry System was developed and installed to 50 museums all around Turkey in 2010.


    This is a holographic aiming system in new-generation light infantry rifles. MTM developed the holographic part...


    Fully developed by MTM Engineers, the Holographic Map was developed for military use as a visual aid for operations.